Welcome to our Department!

Department Staff: 2 Professors, 8 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professors, 1 Senior Laboratory Assistant, 1 PhD Student (Full-Time)

Subjects and Courses of Study:

  • Clinical Immunology;

  • Fundamental of Nursing;

  • Nutrition;

  • Medical Nursing;

  • Surgical Nursing;

  • Family nursing;

  • Health Assessment;

  • Community and Public Health Nursing;

  • Clinical Nursing;

  • Gerontologycal Nursing;

  • Health Promotion and Welness;

  • Basics of Dietology;

  • Basics of Palliative Care;

  • Basics of Palliative Care;

  • End of Life Care;

  • Research and Scientific Evidence in Nursing;

  • Philosophy of Health Care System;

  • Advanced Family Nursing;

  • Principles of Evidence-Based Practice in Health Care;

  • Palliative Care;

  • Intensive care course;

  • Advanced Physical Assessment;

  • Coaching and Leading: The Human Side of Organizational Change;

  • Diseases of Civilization;

  • Contemporary Trends and Issues in Health Care System;

  • Integrated Clinical Biochemistry Course for Master's in nursing;

  • Nutrition and Wellness in Clinical Practice;

  • Professional Nursing Theory and Research;

  • Community Engagement and Leadership Development.

The students of the following academic units study at the department:

  • Faculty of Medicine;

  • International Students' Faculty.

The students study in the following specialties:

  • General Medicine;

  • Nursing;

  • Paramedicine.

Way of Learning:

  • Intramural;

  • Distance Learning;

  • Extramural.