Department team (bottom from left to right): Assistant Professor M.Boychak, Assistant Professor Y.Kotsaba, Professor I.Hospodarkyy, Associate Professor Yu.Danylevch, Associate Professor N.Reha, Professor S.Yastremska; (top from left to right): Associate Professor V.Horodetskyy, Assistant Professor I.Iavorska, Assistant Professor O.Namisniak, Assistant Professor O.Krekhovska-Lepiavko, Associate Professor B.Lokay, Assistant Professor R.Volkov, Assistant Professor O.Bushtynska, Assistant Professor N.Havryliuk (September, 2021)

Joint Ukrainian-Canadian course "Global Health" (2021)

Ass.Prof. M.Boychak provides an online lecture to the IV year Institute of Nursing foreign students (2021)

Ass.Prof. O.Namisnyak conducts practical classes online for students of MBi-241 group (2021)

Assoc. Prof. Yu. Danilevich, conducts practical classes online with students of MBi-441 (2021)

Assoc. Prof. V. Gorodetsky, conducts a practical lesson online with students of group MM-529 (2021)

Teachers of the department during the state exams for distance learning students (2021)

Asoc. Prof. S. Yastremska participated in the 21st inauguration of the academic year of the College of Mazovia Higher Innovation School (Poland) (2019)

Asoc. Prof. Yu.Danylevych with students in the simulation center (2019)

Ass.Prof. L.Lykha visited hospis with group 241 (2019)

Checking practical skills (2019)

Students and teachers at a charity fair (2019)

Ass.Prof. O.Bushtynska with the group after the exam (2019)

Prof. O.Kit and Ass.Prof. R.Volkov at the Graduation Exam (2019)

Asoc. Prof. Yu.Danylevych at the Graduation Exam (2019)

Asoc. Prof. Mazur at the Graduation Exam, Toronto (2019)

Scientific works defence, Asoc. Prof. S. Yastremska, Toronto (2019)

Ass. Prof. S.Danchak, at the Graduation Exam, New York (2018)

Ass. Prof. O.Krekhovska-Lepiavko at the Graduation Exam, New York (2019)

Assoc. Prof. V.Horodetskyy, Lab As. O.Kutsenko, Lab As. M.Vasylyshyn,
Ass. Prof. I.Iavorska,
Ass.Prof. R.Volkov (2019)

Assoc. Prof. Yu.Danylevch, Professor I.Hospodarkyy, Assoc Prof. N.Reha, Assoc. Prof. L.Mazur, Lab As. O.Hunchak, Lab As. M.Vasylyshyn,
Ass. Prof. I.Iavorska, Ass.Prof. O.Namisniak (2018)

Department staff before the training course, Lviv (2018)

Asoc. Prof. S. Yastremska member ot the Unversity choir (2018)

Bachelor of Nursing programme graduation (2016)

Director of the Institute of Nursing, Assoc. Prof. S. Yastremska (2015)

Director of the Center for Distance Education Assoc. Prof. O.Usynska (2012)

Ass. Prof. V.Maximova with students in a hands-on lab (2012)

The Practical Skills Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art training models, mannequins and simulators (2012)

Preparation for the practical part of the Nursing Exam (2013)

Computer lab (2013)

International students work in a computer class (2012)

The first graduation of foreign students (2008)

Study of nursing skillls by foreign students(2012)

Study of nursing skills

by foreign students (2011)

During the International Nursing Conference May 7-8, 2009. First Vice-Rector of TDMU I. Mysula and representatives of the NRI Nursing (2009)

Workshop on Palliative and hospice care in Ukraine (2012)

Work in the Rehabilitation Hall at SAXION University

(Enschede, The Netherlands) (2010)

Improvement of venosection skills by students in the training hall (2008)

Improvement of neonatal boxing skills by students in training room (2008)

Cafe Institute of Nursing (2008)

Improving students' skills in working with infants in the training room (2008)

Improving students' skills in working with infants in the training room (2008)